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The Canterbury Children's Athletic Association runs Saturday morning athletic competition for Children aged 7-14 from late October through to Early March each year.


This weeks Newsletter

March 22nd 2020 CANCELLED

Triangular meeting - Canterbury v Otago v Southland
Grades 7 - 11 

March 28th 2020 CANCELLED

Challenge Cup meeting - Canterbury v South Canterbury v Otago v Southland
Grades 7 - 11 


Grade 12 & 13 Interprovincials - Auckland
Venue and date are still being confirmed. This will be notified once confirmation has been received.


Canterbury Children’s Athletics 


The Canterbury Interprovincial Team (12-13 Grades) to compete at the Interprovincial Meeting in October 2020. Congratulations to the following athletes.  You have worked hard for the honor of being selected for our province.  This year has again been very close, and it really did go down to the last events of Champs weekend. Several PBs achieved over the weekend ensured there were a lot of athletes vying for only 11 places in the team. This combined with very good performances throughout the season has made it very tight.  We know that those who have just missed out will be very disappointed, but we have named 4 reserves this year due to the competition being postponed until October. Please keep training just in case there are any injuries and we need to call on you. Reserves are in no particular order and if called upon will cover the required events of the athletes they are replacing.

Please email canterburyipteam@gmail.com  to acknowledge that you are aware your child has been selected asap. Further information will be forwarded to you in due course. Clubs please ensure that all your athletes are aware they have been selected.  

The event will Possibly be October 8th-11th 2020 at Kings College in Auckland.  This is still to be confirmed.

More information will be sent out once we have all the correct contact details.

Please check out the Team Facebook Page for further details.  (you don’t need a Facebook account to view) It is found here http://www.facebook.com/groups/206171052818373/


Sue Leadbeater Selector (0275500028) and Martin Scott and Alison Dempsey Team Managers

13 Girls Club Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4
Isabella Donald PTOC 200 400 HJ SP
Samantha Donaldson GRMA 200 400 DT SP
Holly Gray NBOL 200 400 80H LJ
Mieke Hunt PRHL 200 80H HJ SP
Xanthe Jane NCAN 400 800 1500 HJ
Samantha Lascelles CHAV 400 800 1500 SP
Kavanagh Lene NBOL 100 HJ SP DT
Elspeth McGuiness PRHL 400 800 1500 LJ
Mya Phillips NCAN 800 HJ DT SP
Angel Spooner ASBA 800 1500 LJ SP
Madeline Thomas SCAN 100 200 400 LJ
Kate Currie CHAV
Alysha Harding SCAN
Tayla Hills PRHL
Joanna MacAskill CHAV
13 Boys Club Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4
Harvey Cogle PRHL 400 80H LJ HJ
Will Haig PTOC 200 400 LJ DT
Sam Higgins PRHL 400 LJ DT SP
Armani Lemalu NBOL 100 200 DT SP
James Moore PTOC 80H HJ DT SP
Finlay Neale PTOC 400 800 HJ DT
Flynn O’Keefe SCAN 200 80H LJ HJ
Aaron Reavill NCAN 400 800 1500 DT
Angus Sevier PRHL 400 800 1500 HJ
Jaedyn Smith LIAC 100 200 400 DT
Walter Stevenson PTOC 80H LJ HJ SP
Zion Devon NBOL
Tom Geary SCAN
Lachlan List SCAN
Sherlock Genesis LIAC
12 Girls Club Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4
Fenella Chittock PRHL 800 1500 LJ SP
Meg Edwards SELW 400 80H LJ HJ
Hazel Kepa PHOX 200 80H LJ SP
Jody McCarthy Dempsey SELW 80H HJ DT SP
Sophie Mercer SELW 100 200 400 SP
Leah Pratten PRHL 400 800 LJ SP
Ava Rattray PTOC 200 800 SP DT
Amaleila Tiatia NBOL 100 200 SP DT
Lucy Vance CHAV 400 800 1500 LJ
Konnah Vanialu LIAC 200 HJ SP DT
Ella Waldron GERA 100 80H LJ HJ
Ava Gardiner CHAV
Violet McMeeken SELW
Keira Richardson Miller NBOL
Bella Thin SCAN
12 Boys Club Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4
Joel Allott PRHL 400 800 1500 SP
Jerome Bedford SELW 200 400 800 LJ
Harrison Laing SCAN 400 800 DT SP
Rico Lemalie LIAC 100 80H SP DT
Neihana Mata’Afa SELW 400 LJ SP DT
Bill Quigley ASBA 200 400 LJ SP
Hunter Scott CANU 100 400 HJ SP
Katoa Turner LIAC 100 200 80H LJ
Cooper Wightman SELW 400 800 1500 DT
Finn Woodhouse CHAV 400 800 1500 LJ
Will Bint NCAN
George Brooks SELW
Thomas Brooks SELW
Lachlan Timlin PRHL


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