Health and Safety

Athletics Canterbury and the Cross Country & Road Committee are committed to ensuring that the health and safety of competitors, officials, spectators and other venue users is the first priority in all its activities. Every person at an event has a responsibility to act safely, identify risk and manage or eliminate it.

All the events included in this programme must be run in accordance with the Health and Safety Management Plan provided to clubs by the Cross Country & Road Committee. This Plan, the Briefing to Officials sheet and Accident Register sheet are available on the below.

Where events are organised by an affiliated club, they are advised to use this H&S Plan and associated documents. They are welcome to adapt this to meet their specific Health and Safety needs as long as they continue to incorporate the requirements of the Athletics Canterbury Management Plan.

All officials and marshals should familiarise themselves with the following Briefing Sheet. 

Health and Safety Management Plan for Out of Stadia Events - Updated 4th June 2018

Officials and Marshals Briefing Sheet

Accident Register


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