Cross Country and Road Committee's Shoe Clinic "Athlete of the Week"

        2019  Shoe  Clinic  "Athlete  of  the  Week"  awards          
EVENT                                                         Grade 16 & up - $50.00                    
Grade 15 and down - $30.00 
Hagley Memorial Relay  Olivia Ritchie (University) Elspeth McGuinness (PHILLS)   
Lionel Fox Relays  
Jane Paterson Races  

Canterbury Marathon Championship  
Holloway Memorial Races 
Andrew Reese Memorial Relay 
South Island Cross-Country Champs/Kennett Cup 
Canterbury Cross-Country Championships 

Lakeside Relays 

Canterbury Road Championships 
Port Hills U18 Races                                                              
Governors Bay to Lyttelton
Takahe to Akaroa Relay

 The Cross Country & Road Committee would like to thank Shoe Clinic                                                    

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