If any athlete, or an athlete's parent, wishes to change coaches, or a coach is approached by an athlete who already has a coach, certain procedures should be observed.
The IAAF Code of Ethics states:
"Coaches should never solicit, either overtly or covertly, athletes who are 
receiving coaching to join their squad.” Further, under the discussion in the code, it states,

If, however, an athlete initiates discussion with a coach in connection with 
commencing a coaching relationship, while the athlete is already being coached by 
another coach, then that coach must inform the athlete's present coach as soon as practical.' 

This code, which has been widely accepted by responsible coaches throughout the world, has implications for coaches, athletes and the parents of athletes,

Athletics Canterbury endorses this concept and has had a policy in place for many years that:
1. Coaches should not approach an athlete or an athlete's parent, already coached by another coach, to join their squad
2. If an athlete or an athlete's parent wishes to change coaches, the athlete (or parent) must inform the current coach & discuss it with her/him.
3. If a coach is approached by an athlete, or the athlete's parent, to be coached, the coach must ensure the athlete informs the current coach and then also discuss the matter with the current coach. In all discussions the needs of the athlete must be considered.

All athletes, parents and coaches should follow these procedures as a matter of common courtesy. 


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