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Run Jump Throw is the foundation programme of the Athletics New Zealand Coach Education Programme. Run Jump Throw was developed as part of the Kiwisport education programme which aims at enjoyable participation by all regardless of ability, culture, or sex. Kiwisport is based on the philosophy that skills are the key to participation and that traditional sports and other physical activities should be modified to suit the physical, intellectual and emotional development of the participants. Emphasis is on skill development.

The Run Jump Throw programme is built around the 150 page Run-Jump-Throw Manual which provides a progressive approach to athletics skill teaching for 6-13 year olds. Suitable for all coaches and teachers, the resource includes teaching strategies for running, jumping and throwing.

Teaching coaches and teachers how to deliver Run-Jump-Throw effectively and knowledgeably is the aim of the Athletics New Zealand Coach Education Programme.

To organise a Run Jump Throw session at your school/club, please Contact:

aims to teach Running, Jumping and Throwing, the fundamentals of all sport, correctly. Charts and material from the new Run Jump Throw Manual are available below as PDF files. 

The Run Jump Throw Manual ($40) can be ordered from contacting Athletics Canterbury \

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