Cross Country and Road Committee's Shoe Clinic "Athlete of the Week"

        2019  Shoe  Clinic  "Athlete  of  the  Week"  awards          
EVENT                                                         Grade 16 & up - $50.00             
Grade 15 and down - $30.00 
Hagley Memorial Relay  Olivia Ritchie (University) Elspeth McGuinness (PHILLS)   
Lionel Fox Relays   Matt Dryden (Christchurch Avon) Hamish Gillett (Christchurch Avon)
Children's Forest Relay Cameron Clark (Christchurch Avon) Theo Walker (Christchurch Avon) 
Jane Paterson Races  
Taonga Mbambo (University) Morgan Flanagan (Port Hills)
Canterbury Marathon Championship   Oska Baynes (UNC) &
Andrea Hewitt (NBOL)
Holloway Memorial Races  Leila Dunlop (Port Hills) Daniel Prescott (Selwyn)
Andrew Reese Memorial Relay  Ryan Kiesanowski (New Brighton Olympic) Nicole Vance (Christchurch Avon)
South Island Cross-Country Champs/Kennett Cup  Chris Dryden (Christchurch Avon) Maddie Sharpe (Port Hills)
Canterbury Cross-Country Championships  Connor Melton (University) Amelia Henstock (University)
Lakeside Relays  Eva Pringle (Port Hills) Will McMeeken (Port Hills)
Governors Bay to Lyttelton  Blair McWhirter (Sumner)                                                                        
Port Hills U18 Races                                                                         Chanel Muir (Christchurch Avon)
Canterbury Road Championships  Martina Conner (Port Hills) Otto Church (New Brighton Olympic)
Takahe to Akaroa Relay
Andy Good (University)                                                                   

 The Cross Country & Road Committee would like to thank Shoe Clinic                                                    

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