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Welcome to the President's e-News page.  

The page will be used to keep you up-to-date with what's going on, especially as we move into a new era with the Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub soon to be opened.  So let's get started ....

Athletics Canterbury President - Andrew Stark (

e-News Monday 1st April 2019

Athletics Canterbury – the next steps going forward ....


As part of our continued focus on creating a sustainable sport, over the past few months the Athletics Canterbury Executive has been working on the following areas:

  1. Reviewing and updating our 2019/2020 work plan to reflect changes in our sport whilst adhering to the values determined in our approved Strategic Plan. This work plan is on our website should you wish to view it.
  2. Reviewing and updating the various roles that members of the Executive hold and writing position descriptions for each role and uploaded these details onto the website.

We have also identified areas where we can make significant improvements:

  1. Moving from being an “Executive” to becoming a Board.  This would reflect the move from being a sport made up of all volunteers, to one that has one or more paid employees.  More details will be available prior to our AGM as this will need to be ratified by the membership.
  2. Agreeing on the key areas of focus for 2019 & 2020.  To achieve our goals, we need help from our wider community.  We intend to create Working Groups that will focus on delivering specific aspects of our sport.  These groups will be made up of current Executive / Committee members, plus members from the wider athletic community.

Are you interested in being involved? 

We are now calling for expressions of interest from people who wish to be involved in one of the following Working Groups for both 2019 and 2020 – a 2-year term. 


Working Groups will be led by a member of the Athletics Canterbury Executive and the Executive will provide the support and communication required to ensure an integrated approach.


Working Group roles available for 2019 / 2020:


  • Marketing & Communications Working Group
  • Coach Development Pathway Working Group
  • Official’s Development Pathway Working Group
  • Athlete’s Development Pathway Working Group


Below is a brief summary of the work these Working Groups will be doing. 

Marketing & Communications Working Group

We have agreed our largest marketing opportunity for 2019/20 is the CAN RUN programme – an initiative focused on getting more runners to participate in our events and join our clubs. Our research has shown we need to bridge the gap between the “park runner” and the “club runner” using a pathway approach and this is what CAN RUN is all about. People wishing to help us implement this initiative will be people passionate on developing and implementing a programme for people who can run 5km now but would like to achieve more. Given participants will be charged to be part of
CAN RUN, the coaches running the CAN RUN programmes will be paid for their sessions.


Coaches' Development Working Group

The focus of this Working Group is to strengthen the relationship between the Executive and Coaches, by introducing new and effective initiatives designed to aid the recruitment, development and retention of Coaches.  This will include the development of a mentoring programme for coaches; the development of a coach’s database and the development and implementation of regular training courses for coaches.


Officials' Development Pathway Working Group

This Working Group has been formed to strengthen the relationship between the Executive and officials by introducing new and effective initiatives to retain and grow numbers. It will focus on developing initiatives designed to aid the recruitment, development and retention of officials and work with the Officials Group to promote training and gaining of qualifications.


Athletes' Development Pathway Working Group

This Working Group is charged with introducing new and effective initiatives to retain and grow the number of athletes fulfilling their potential in the sport. These may include new initiatives designed to aid the recruitment, development and retention of athletes; the development and implementation of mentoring programmes for athletes, providing clear pathways for promising athletes and overseeing funding support to enhance the performance of Canterbury people on the National and International stage


When I look back on what we have collectively achieved to get Nga Puna Wai up and running, it has been a enormous task.  However, it is time to direct our focus into how we can improve what we have, to offer the whole of the sport, not just Track & Field.

Please consider this request for help seriously and make yourself available to assist where you can.

Please contact Daniel Reese ( to express your interest in being involved.


Andrew Stark
Athletics Canterbury

e-News Tuesday 10th January 2019


South Island Inter Centre Team Event - How you entered yet?

This event is open to registered athletes aged 14 to 19, as at 31 December 2018.  Below is a list of the confirmed entries that I am aware of.  Are you interested in being part of the Canterbury Team?  If you think you have entered, please check the list below.  If your name is not there, it means I DO NOT have your entry.

Use the link below to enter ASAP, as entries close Sunday 13th January 2019.

Grades 14/15 Names (Teams of 20):

Zara Beagle, Calib Bone, Reuben Bowen, Ashley Farrell, Kaitlin Feather, Tamati Frost, Donna Gumley, Tapenisa Havea, Taylah Holdem, Chloe Hughes, Violette Perry, Joshua Price, Jack Rodgers, Mikayla Scott, Layk Scowen, Josh Thiele, Hayden Veckery.

Grades U18 / U20 Names (Teams of 8):

Alfie Baker, Joshua Bull, Aria Carroll, Anoushka Chiswell, Brianna Fidow, Eliza Meekings, Lydia Robinson, Zeb Thompson.

All the information about the event is available via the link above. Any questions, e-mail Andrew (

Andrew Stark (Chairman Athletics Canterbury T & F Committee)


e-News Sunday 9th December 2018

The track & field season at Nga Puna Wai is well underway.  It has been an extremely busy time for the Centre setting up the venue, and there is still a lot to get done before we are finished.  Fortunately, with the General Manager's role in place, most of the burden of dealing with the Christchurch City Council and the rules and regulations they have created as Nga Puna Wai is being 'activated', is being left to Ian to deal with and negotiate on our behalf.  This has allowed myself and others to get on with organising events, which in itself is very time consuming and demanding work.

Coming up, we have selected meetings that require athletes to PRE-ENTER, so please read this section carefully or you may miss out on competing.

South Island Championships & U18 Teams Event - Saturday 16th December 2018 @ Nga Puna Wai

Information about this event can be viewed on the Athletics Canterbury calendar ...

The event is being competed over TWO grades - OPEN (U20 & senior) and U18.  Open athletes can turn up on the day and pay as per a normal interclub meeting.  If you would like to be considered for the Canterbury U18 Team, you need to complete one of the nomination forms (W-U18 or M-U18), that can be downloaded via the link above.  The form needs to be e-mailed to me by Wednesday 12th December.  If you are not selected for the team, you can still compete, as we will run interclub events throughout the meeting.

Christmas Cracker Twilight Meeting - Friday 28th December 2018 @ Nga Puna Wai

This event is being organised by Craig Motley, with assistance from Athletics Canterbury.  To compete at this meeting, you must pre-enter using the online system.  We are currently creating the on-line entry system and this should be available later this week.  In the meantime, pencil in this meeting in your diary and click on the link below to view more information / programme.

South Island Inter Centre Graded Teams Meeting - Saturday 19th January 2019 @ Nga Puna Wai

This meeting also requires you to PRE-ENTER.  Please follow the link below to find out more ...

As you can see, there is quite a bit going on that needs organising.  If you are going to compete, it's time to act now and enter.  If you coming down to watch (parents etc.) and can help out as an official, I would appreciate knowing that too.  One of the biggest stresses I face each week, is not knowing who will be there to officiate!!


Andrew Stark

e-News Monday 20th August 2018

Nga Puna Wai Community Fund-raising Initiative

By the time Nga Puna Wai is up and running, Athletics Canterbury will have invested nearly $200k in new equipment.  A further investment of $220k has also been required to ensure we would get a control room / photo finish building (bottom left in photo) 'fit for purpose' and an outer throw zone area (top right in photo) suitable for all year round training.  Fortunately, some of these extra costs have been covered by successful funding applications and donations, but not all.

About three weeks ago we started promoting our Nga Puna Wai Community fund-raising initiative via Facebook.  We have received donations totally just over $23k from the athletic's community, with a couple of businesses also considering making larger donations towards major equipment purchases.

Why should you donate?  Over the past two years, various members within Athletics Canterbury have worked behind the scenes with the Christchurch City Council representatives and designers to ensure we get a Class One facility.  It has been a challenging exercise to say the least and has involved over 5000 volunteer hours!!  If you value the contribution this group has made on your behalf, then a donation would be a great way to show your appreciation!  If you want to read more, click here to read a flyer I have prepared.  If you would like to see the latest drone footage of Nga Puna Wai, click on the link below.


Over 21,500 people have viewed this footage.  If they all gave $5.00 each, we would more than reach our total.

If you can help, please make your donation into our Westpac Account Number 03 0802 0046350 002

Please use your name as a reference, then e-mail Daniel Reese ( if you require a receipt.

Athletics Canterbury is an Incorporated Society (No. 220900) and a registered Charity (No. CC39446), therefore ALL donations are tax deductible.

New General Manager's Role for Athletics Canterbury

With the home of Athletics Canterbury now within a sports hub environment, it was time our sport became more professional about how we operate.  Hence the creation of this new role.  Ian Thomas, who started in August, has been employed as the General Manager.  It will be a challenging role as all areas of the sport work together to rebuild our sport, to make the most of this exciting new opportunity that Nga Puna Wai presents.  To enable us to create this role, with must acknowledge the support we have received from the Rata Foundation and the CCC, who together have funded this role.


Nga Puna Wai training options & associated fees

The new NPW track & field facility is worth about $10M.  There is an expectation that all people using the venue for training will contribute to the on-going operational & maintenance costs.  The exact mechanism for collecting fees during the week has yet to be worked out. Options currently being investigated include creating a Nga Puna Wai Track & Field Membership fee for those training at the venue.  One of the tasks of the new GM is to work with the CCC to determine just how this would work and the cost of such a scheme.  We are keen to know what you think.  

Should there be ...

  1. A casual usage fee option?

  2. A prepaid seasonal membership fee, summer or winter option?

  3. A prepaid annual membership fee option?

If you feel strongly about this concept, please contact Ian Thomas ( with your feedback.  He would also like to know how often you intend to train at Nga Puna Wai, including the days of the week and time of day, plus what you would be prepared to pay for each of the options listed above.  This information will help us formulate a fee structure for training.

New logo for Athletics Canterbury Inc

In line with our new era, we have recently updated our logo using the generic Athletics New Zealand logo.  I would like to thank Julie Moore our marketing and promotional manager for creating this artwork.  

We believe this logo will work well for us both regionally and nationally.  However, as one of our goals is to increase community participation, we may well create an alternative 'less competitive / serious' looking logo as an alternative for this group.

Important action from this e-News ..... please donate to Nga Puna Wai.

Andrew Stark

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